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Chris Farley is ...... BATMAN! 01/12/05

Ok so we are back now, didnt i promise you we would be? As you can see i have thrown the old style out the window and ill explain why in more detail. The way i did the comic before was draw everything by hand then scan it in and trace it out in vecter lines in adobe illustrator. Then when it was all done i just keep reusing that same drawing for just about everything. The problem with this way of doing it is everything always looks the same as new poses and angles where never introduced. Also it was very time consuming even though im really quick with vector lines, everytime I had to do something new I had to draw it twice. The only reason I did it this way was to 1. Be different 2. Im good at it and 3. it was very clean looking. So its kinda odd that i have desided to go with a style that is the exact opposite of all thouse things. So now basicly im hand drawing everything except text and balloons, also im drawing it in probably the quickest most sketchiest way I can because I have a complex about my drawing skills so I have to block it out of my head if I hate a strip because of the art. So if you dont like this new style .. and want the old style, I feel for ya I really do, but unforcunatly this is just better for me at this moment in time and will hopfully mean faster releases. Oh by the way, the current plan for release is once a week, I dont know the exactly day yet however, ill get back to you on that.

Oh also I signed up for the webcomic list, be sure to visit them and look around for some cool comics, and if you have some time, look around for a certain comic by yours truly and leave a cople comments ... good ones of course.


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